A Critique

A Critique
All my adult life, especially since I rejected the lies and deceit of Christianity, I have had abuse from so-called Christian on the path I had taken.   A path to Humanism, at 87 years of age this coming September, has proved I was right in choosing that route in life, away from Christian hatred, bigotry, and its distortion of the true historical facts.  Christianity’s take of the facts, can be seen in today’s America, where Christian Nationalist, and their conservative Christian partners discriminate with their hate, against those that share the sexual orientation of the so-called Christian saviour.  Christian hypocrisy at it’s very meanest, and true to the bigoted nature of this immoral religion.

SoundMind wrote: Learn something, Jero. The living God is not weak and is able to see minds, able to recognize reprobate minds when He sees them. Well to say that, of an unknown gaseous entity could only come from an Unsound Mind, and a straight Jacket would be the order of the day.

Ed Senter wrote: Jews were only 1 tribe out of 12. So, no. Then, just one comment down, Ed wrote: I pity fools who don’t do research and believe themselves to be wise when they are not. Well, Ed, you certainly know nothing about research or anything about the history of your religion. At the time of the 12 tribes of Israel, They were collectively called Israelites, the term Jew had not come into being during the tribal times. In fact, the term Jew is originally English, and not before the 1630s, when the letter “J” was introduced into the English language of the day. The King James Bible first introduced the letter “J” in 1769, when Iesus became Jesus, but to the scarred Christians he became bejesus.

Ed in another comment wrote: The children of Israel were to follow all the laws of Moses. Well, the invention of Moses, Ed forgot to read the file photo of my discussion of “Now Kill all the Boys” or he would have thought twice to state: the children of Israel were to follow the laws of Moses. Jewish and biblical historians believe Moses was invented in the 5th-century BCE, some thousand years later than the date given for the Exodus from Egypt story. Also, the five books (Pentateuch) alleged were the work of Moses were written about 500 BCE, yet, conservative Christians say Moses lived around 1400 BCE.

In another comment, Ed states the entire OP is trash! But Ed forgets that I unlike him, I do research, albeit now with an amanuensis, but unlike Ed, I do not pity him. His type of Christian, including SoundMind (God’s representative on earth… LOL), and other like-minded conservative Christians, gives other Christians a bad name! Yes, and science has a name for it too, as bilateral damage to the ventromedial prefrontal cortex (vmPFC)! I rediscovered the paper with the help of my amanuensis in an International Journal in Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience.  Which is in the public domain, which a Disqus moderator has banned me from giving it a citation.

What do you think of the aggressive conservative Christian, who have lied their way through the centuries to come as the most intolerant religious people that have ever set foot on earth?

Per pro. Cofion.

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Jero Jones

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