How bankruptcy allows clerical criminals to go on with sexually abusing children

How Bankruptcy Allows Clerical Criminals to go on with Sexually Abusing Children!

What has religion to do, before its followers come to their senses, and logically see the harm and dangers religion possesses?  To shun their faith, and never set foot in an establishment that has for millennia indoctrinated its flock to believe the church can do no wrong!  Which is a two thousand-year-old fallacy, perpetrated by early Christian leaders to brainwash its adherents.
In 306 CE, at the Synod of Elvira (now Granada, Spain), we have the first documented evidence of clerical child sex abuse.  Yes, 1,717 years ago, child sex abuse by clerics was documented, and it is still going on today!  All Christian institutions are involved in clerical sexual abuse, from Roman Catholics to the myriad of Protestant faiths.   However, the French Catholic Church has expressed “shame” and pleaded for forgiveness, after a devastating report found that at least 330,000 children were victims of sexual abuse by clergy and lay members of church institutions over the past 70 years.   But what would be the number of child abuse cases if we could go back in time to the days of Irenaeus of Lyon, who supposedly lived between 130-202 CE.  It would be in the multi-million, for the land we know as France today, then you have the rest of Europe from 380 CE to present day that was forced into Catholicism.
As religious faiths go, Catholicism is the richest by far, has to save the depletion of its church-coffer by taking steps to protect itself from lawsuits brought by class actions, against paedophile priests.  Just last week, August 22, 2023, the San Jose Insider reported that the Catholic Archdiocese of San Francisco has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy.  Prior to this, in March 2023, the diocese of Albany filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy, to protect the church against Clerical Child Sex Abuse.

(Chapter 11 bankruptcy, aka “reorganization” bankruptcy.

A Chapter 11 bankruptcy allows a company to stay in business and restructure its obligations.

If a company filing for Chapter 11 opts to propose a reorganization plan, it must be in the best interest of the creditors.

If the debtor does not put forth a plan, the creditors may suggest one instead.

Many major corporations, including General Motors and K-Mart, have used Chapter 11 bankruptcies as an opportunity to restructure their debts while continuing to do business.)

Throughout this sordid sage of child sex abuse, the Roman Church has defended its priesthood, even crossing borders to safeguard its footsoldiers from civil law.  While maintaining that the abuse children are the guilty ones.   In November 2020, A damning report that criticized his leadership (Cardinal Vincent Nichols) and concluded that the church repeatedly prioritized its reputation over the welfare of child sex abuse victims.

In its final review of the church, the independent inquiry into child sexual abuse (IICSA) said the Vatican’s failure to cooperate with the investigation “passes understanding.” That comment on the review of the church would be enough for any logically minded person to relinquish any ties to a church, and religion as a whole.

The church hierarchy (both Catholic and Protestant), who have defended paedophile clergy, are criminals, no less than those serving time for wrong doings.  Popes, Cardinals, Archbishops/Bishops (Catholic and Protestant), etc., who themselves committed sexual crimes against children as so-called pastors.  However, history has documented Paedophile Popes.  Protestants need not act smug, as through their short history, from the reformation to the present day, their closeted leaders have brought shame on humanity too!

One also, has to remember that Christian run schools, such as Miracle Meadow boarding school in the Appalachian community of Salem, West Virginia, have child sexual abuse problems too!  What do you say?

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