KJP says Joe Biden will be masking indoors again after Dr. Jill came down with Covid

Yesterday, news broke that Dr. Jill Biden has come down with Covid and libs have taken it as their sign to start taking Covid super seriously again.

Just to show how stupid these Covid policies are, KJP announced today that the president will begin masking indoors again since his wife has Covid.

Yes, Biden has taken two Covid tests, and has tested negative both times, but he’s still going to be wearing a mask indoors so that he, as a vaxxed and boosted person, doesn’t transmit it to other vaxxed and boosted people.

But if he’s “sufficiently distanced” he can take the mask off. Because the virus, which, again, he DOES NOT HAVE, can still only travel six feet.

They’re trying to bring Covid back with all its nonsense rules. And I don’t know if anyone is gonna stop ’em.


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