Some of God’s decisions must be random

Imagine you are a powerful being that can build any house possible, and you decide that you want to build a huge house. The bigger, the better. You would face a dilemma. No matter how big of a house you build, it would always be possible to build an even larger house. Therefore, if you were God and your goal was to build the biggest possible house, you would be forced to randomly pick the size of your house.

Dean Zimmerman, in his paper “God, Evil, and the Contemplation of Infinitely Many Options,” uses this logic to explain how a good, powerful God would be forced to pick a world with a random degree of suffering (assuming that some level of suffering is needed or beneficial).

What do you think about this? Is it strange that a powerful being that could build any house possible would be forced to randomly pick the size of their house if their goal was to build the biggest house? Would God’s decision-making be very different from our own? Could a good, powerful being have made this world despite its apparent chaos, randomness and/or suffering?

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