Special texts

Well, let’s get the lay of the land and take a census of sense…
If you answer “no” to question one there seems little point in addressing the other questions – you have a sane perspective 🙂

Question One
Do you believe that a particular collection of texts are divinely inspired?

Question Two
What exactly, in your own words, do you believe about a particular collection of texts as they pertain to deity?

Question Three
Which texts exactly do you believe this about?

Question Four
What date in history do you consider the texts in question to have been written (in the most complete divinely sanctioned form)?

Question Five
How many years do you think there were between mankind first using writing and the divinely sanctioned text being complete?

So… for instance, somebody might answer:

1. Yes
2. I believe that God inspired the authors to write what He wanted them to write
3. The King James Bible
4. The seventeenth century
5. Over 5,000 years

For bonus points (although honestly I’m not expecting any of you believers in holy texts to be able to [or even try to] answer):
Can you explain a good evidence-based reason why a sane human being should believe any such thing?

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