Alt Tech = Hate Speech

What is alt tech? It’s a replacement infrastructure—a parallel universe to the internet as we know it, complete with browsers, plug-ins, domains, web hosting and the rest—all to cater to extremists, haters and white supremacists who’ve been given a time out on the social media playground. And just like the bully who got kicked off the playground, this alt-tech playground is one where the bully can do whatever he likes.

In the parallel universe of alt-tech, there is a social network—Gab—which operates as a Twitter for those who can’t play on the real thing. An alternative to YouTube—BitChute—shows whatever has been banned or bumped off the mainline video platform.

How does alt tech function? What does it do? Well, besides enabling the vilest and darkest spewings of such bottom-feeders as neo-Nazis, the KKK and the like, it prides itself on resuscitating particularly dangerous things that have been removed from mainstream social media—such things as the Christchurch, New Zealand, shooter’s manifesto as well as the video of the live stream of the shooting itself. 

Do you use Alt Tech? Do you support its existence? Do you think hate speech should be protected?

Read more below about how these hate speech purveyors cannot even seem to secure the private information of the nazis that they platform.