Ukrainian commander says he’d be dead if he fought exactly how the US and its allies taught him

A Ukrainian commander trained by US, British, and Polish soldiers told the Financial Times that if he followed their advice exactly he would be killed.

Western allies of Ukraine have offered training to thousands of troops in the hope of steeling them for battle against Russia’s invasion force.

But some have said that the principles they learn from NATO countries often do not pan out on the battlefield.

“If I only did what [western militaries] taught me, I’d be dead,” said a special-forces commander in Ukraine’s 78th regiment who spoke to the FT. The outlet didn’t give his full name, referring to him as Suleman.

During his training, Suleman said he was offered “some good advice” but also “bad advice … like their way of clearing trenches. I told them: ‘Guys, this is going to get us killed.'”

He isn’t the only Ukrainian soldier who has spoken out against the Western approach to instruction.

A senior intelligence sergeant in the 41st Mechanized Brigade, who goes by the name “Dutchman,” told openDemocracy last month: “I don’t want to say anything against our partners, but they don’t quite understand our situation and how we are fighting.”

The soldiers believe that instructors have never fought a war like Russia’s invasion of Ukraine — the first clash of two heavily-armed militaries for decades.

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