Fanboys think missing F-35 made it to Cuba

“I wouldn’t worry about Lauren Boebert feeling up a dude in a theater, I would worry how an unmanned American F-35 landed safely in Havana Cuba…” writes Blue Check guy “Gunther Eagleman™” while “Real Mac Report” wrote “🚨Breaking: An unidentified F-35 fighter jet landed in Havana. The Cuban government has not released any information yet,” and you get the picture.

The first Twitter match for anything with “F-35” and “Cuba” in it from the last 24 hours relevant to the current missing fighter jet comes from just one rando with 14 followers replying “Auto pilot compromised. F-35 turned south landed in….Chinese airbase in Cuba ?” to a tweet on the story.

So some idiot just idly speculating turns into a thing in MAGA world, a thing that, despite our admittedly very limited knowledge of military aviation and technology, is exceptionally fucking impressively stupid even by this crowd’s standards


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