NBC News mocked for report revealing doctors finding it ‘increasingly difficult to distinguish COVID from allergies or the common cold’

NBC News ran an article revealing that doctors are having issues distinguishing COVID from the common cold and allergies. Online commentators mocked the liberal news outlet, many asserting that the revelation materialized three years too late.

On Saturday, NBC News published an article that found that COVID symptoms are increasingly indistinguishable from the common cold and allergies.

“Doctors say they’re finding it increasingly difficult to distinguish COVID from allergies or the common cold, even as hospitalizations tick up,” the article began.

“The illness’ past hallmarks, such as a dry cough or the loss of sense of taste or smell, have become less common,” NBC News admitted. “Instead, doctors are observing milder disease, mostly concentrated in the upper respiratory tract.”

Dr. Grace McComsey – vice dean for clinical and translational research at Case Western University – estimated that roughly 10-20% of her COVID patients lose their sense of taste or smell now, versus 60-70% early in the pandemic.

“It isn’t the same typical symptoms that we were seeing before. It’s a lot of congestion, sometimes sneezing, usually a mild sore throat,” explained Dr. Erick Eiting – vice chair of operations for emergency medicine at Mount Sinai Downtown in New York City.

Eiting confessed, “Just about everyone who I’ve seen has had really mild symptoms. The only way that we knew that it was Covid was because we happened to be testing them.”

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