Trans rights activists shout ‘F**k the TERFs’ as clash with radical feminist group hosting conference at San Francisco Hilton leads to physical assaults and spray-painted storefronts

  • Women’s Declaration International held a convention in the city’s Financial District
  • The group was met with counter-protestors who shouted and spray-painted storefronts
  • Attendees claim they were attacked and the hotel general manager assaulted

A heated clash between trans rights activists and radical feminists hosting a women’s rights conference in San Francisco devolved over the weekend.

Women’s Declaration International held their 2nd National Women’s Convention at the Hilton San Francisco Financial District from September 15 to 17.

Videos posted around 7pm on Saturday show a growing crowd outside the hotel.

People raise their middle finger to the cameras and carry signs speaking out against TERFs or ‘trans-exclusionary radical feminists.’ One sign reads ‘Millions of dead TERFs.’

The term ‘TERF’ is used to describe people whose views on gender identity are seen as hostile towards transgender people.

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