We Are Watching the Disintegration of Our Country & Society

Part 1:  Signs of cities decaying, sheer numbers of illegal migrants, degrading culture, loss of the rule of law

With the latest wave of 200,000 illegal migrants crossing our borders in August, even the “welcoming” but overwhelmed “Sanctuary Cities” have reacted with anger, frustration and demonstrations.  Congress-critter with the intellect of a gerbil, AOC, suffered screaming in-her-face New York City residents who hate the 110,000 illegal migrants sleeping, urinating and trashing their streets. They give credence to the acronym N.I.M.B.Y.

Mayor Adams said, “Migrants are ruining New York City.  We cannot afford the $12 billion to house, feed, educate and medicate them.”

That cry for help echoes across American cities where 8,000,000 of those illegals have landed.  They cannot speak English. They lack education to operate in this modern society. Their cultures conflict with our culture.  Their importing endless amounts of drugs that kill 100,000 Americans annually from overdoses.

Out of those 8,000,000 illegal migrants,  how many are Jihad Muslim terrorists?  Answer: you gotta’ understand they are planning the next 9/11 as you read this column.

What does it mean, “Watching the disintegration of our country & society?”

Consider these points and see if you witness them coming to your town or city:

We’ve got schools instigating dishonoring our nation’s founders. Once students begin to hate their country and history, they trash statues of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Teddy Roosevelt, Benjamin Franklin, Abigail Adams, Susan B. Anthony, John Muir and others. Without appreciation for our founding and the U.S. Constitution, anarchy and rebellion are not far behind.  Without respect for America’s past, our youth will not understand the principles of our Constitutional Republic.  Notice how college kids shout down speakers with which they don’t agree.

Yes, freedom of speech gets messy, however, it’s better than autocratic rule.

We’ve got children thinking they can change their sex from boy to girl and from girl to boy.  That cannot, does not and will not ever happen.  It’s biologically impossible to turn a boy into a girl and vice versa.  But in the process of the charade, illusion or “pretending”, women’s sports are being destroyed by “transgenderism.”   It’s wrong, it’s stupid, it’s a sign that our society is going haywire.  Especially using such idiotic monikers like “birthing person” or pronouns instead of he and she. No wonder so many kids commit suicide or suffer depression. Social media keeps them emotionally and spiritually wrecked.  Worse than that, they suffer “text neck” from bending over into their cell phone with 100 text messages daily, on average for every U.S. teenager.  Good Lord, get rid of that phone and talk to your friends!

The current president, totally unable to string a coherent sentence together on his own…has weaponized the CIA and FBI against other political leaders.  That’s a sign of a “Banana Republic.”  If you can’t beat them, just kill your opponents or send them to the Gulag.

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