The Šā̊merīm Upstart Liar!


The Šā̊merīm Upstart Liar!

The parents of the Šā̊merīm upstart were said to be pagans, as he himself was, according to the church-father, Jerome. He lied about his birthplace, and contradicted himself, wrote Jerome. This Šā̊merīm upstart knew no bounds to his lying. Claiming to be a Jew, and a member of a Jewish cult, like his father. As well as being educated by the leading Jewish scholar of his day, yet, this upstart’s writings are all in Greek! In addition, he claimed to belong to a certain ethnic group, who we find, according to the Old Testament (OT), went extinct at least a millennium before his birth. Jewish scripture denies his lying claims, as Judges 20 disprove his ancestry, with Judges 21 stating that only six-hundred men survived the extinction of the claimed race, but give no names of the survivors who were amalgamated into another clan. According to Jewish tradition, the annihilation of the Šā̊merīm so-called people, had to have occurred before 931 BCE. So, how can one claim to be from a certain people, when the OT names not on 600 survivors from a massacre that occurred a millennium before the Šā̊merīm birth. Lying was not the Šā̊merīm only virtue, boasting was another as well as being a power seeker, and he wrote his own history without anyone posing the question until posterity… “He said, did what, all was lies? ”

Here, the reverential attitude taken by modern Christians towards their canonical scriptures has made them reluctant even to listen to hostile extra-biblical accounts of Paul’s career. To take this stand is obviously to stultify common sense, which bids us give at least a hearing to the enemies of a historic personage and not trust solely to the ex parte tales of himself and his friends. Yet not satisfied with leaving entirely out of consideration the accusations that tradition says his enemies levelled against him, his modern admirers are even unwilling to accept the Šā̊merīm own story when this runs counter to their preconceptions of apostolic harmony.

The Šā̊merīm Upstart we know went by many alias’ such as Saul, Saul of Tarsus, Paul, Paul the (False) Apostle, St. Paul, Paul of Tarsus, Simon the Magician, Simon Magus, Simon the Samaritan or Shimon Šā̊merīm (the Samaritan). Not forgetting that this lier was the founder of the first generation of followers that would become later known as Christians.

Unto you, I speak in metaphors, but you must comprehend what I say…. There are two stocks of all the Aeons put together, having neither beginning nor end, springing out of one Root, the which is the INFINITE POWER, the INVISIBLE SILENCE; of which stocks, the one shows itself from above, the which is a Great Power, understanding of All, pervading all things, and of the male sex. The other, showing itself from below, is the Great Mind, and is of the female sex; generating all things. The resolution of all problems is in the union of the two. The Power Itself is both male and female.” —The Preaching of Simon the Magician

Their old enemy, the homo quidam inimicus (Rec.1:70), here appears under the pseudonym “Simon.” This “Simon who is also Paul” (Simon qui et Paulus) is for them “a certain deceiver” (planos tis, II Cor. 6:8), “the enemy” (ho-echthros, Gal. 4:16), and a “false apostle” (pseudapostolos) who taught “apostasy from Moses” (apostasis apo Mouseos), and proclaimed a false gospel. Hans-Joachim Schoeps, Jewish-Christianity, p. 51.

If you think Schoeps was the only writer claiming Paul, whose alias was Simon Magus, you will be very much mistaken. Below are a few authors from Clement of Rome (35-99 CE) to Harland (the present) spans more than 1900-years of Christianity.

Robert P. Richardson. Paul, alias Simon Magus.

G. R. S. Mead Collection, Simon Magus.

Peter vs Simon Magus (alias Paul) in the Pseudo-Clementines (NT Apocrypha 17) By Philip A. Harland.  And

Hugh Schonfield (1968), Those Incredible Christians, ch. 10, p. 159, Hutchinson of London], Schonfield was one of the original Dead Sea Scrolls team members.

Also see: Simon the Magician Believes

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