Christians: The pot is calling the kettle black!

Christians: The pot is calling the kettle black!
I am past caring about what my Christian critics say about my discussions, I am too old and alarmed at what is going on across the pond in the so-called name of God!

Listening to some comments posted by the true indoctrinated, such as j/j, one sees the re-emergence of true Christian ATHEISTS bigots that mimic’s the voices of their early past of an intolerable religion. It is frightening, that these zealot Christians are desperate to usher the Armageddon they so crave, and the longing for the second coming.   Which by all accounts has been and gone!

In his comment, j/j wrote verbatim: Hinduism, another of mankind’s religions that seek to please God by their own EFFORTS (works).
But God is only pleased by those who worship his resurrected Son,—-who was sacrificed for their sins and the world’s sins,—not by mankind’s works to please God.  It is only these whose sins are forgiven through faith in Christ who are saved in the regeneration,—no ‘works’ religionists are saved through their own efforts.

The comment from j/j on Rohan Balthasar discussion: Shiva Nataraja -The Lord of the Cosmic Dance. Showed the Christian intolerance to other faith, that some two millennia ago saw the Roman authorities stigmatizing the early Chrestians on mass, with the well documented label… Atheists. A designation that has not disappeared, and still good today. In the case of j/j uttering’s for Christianity, one can say that “the pot is calling the kettle black!”

Christianity through the zealots are today turning the clocks back 1,600+ years on the progress of humanity, with their intolerance against other religions. Today we are back in time to the period around the year 391 in Alexandria, Egypt. Where destruction of places of learning, Jewish and Pagan temples, and the ancient art world, along with the library of Alexandria’s Serapeum. Yes, Christian intolerance, one can say, stumped the growth of Humanity that set mankind back to the Stone-Age. What Christianity wanted, was for people to believe in the Bible, in a flat Earth, with the earth at the centre of the universe. For one to believe in this, you would be saved, if not, the stake awaited. If it was not for the enlighten scholars of yesteryear, just think where humanity would be today? Man would not have progressed, we would all be in serfdom, within a theocracy. With 100s of thousands serving time in galley’s or imprison, with millions of others being subjected to constant religious police surveillance and harassment. With a gallows in every village, town, and city. I kid you not, for this was the life from 756-1870, for those that lived in the Papal State. During this period, more than three people gathering, was banned, so were newspapers, books, the railway, and street lighting, while the rest of Europe and the world saw modernization, while the theocracy kept people in servitude. This is what the Christian Nationalist, and their affiliates in America want, they want their God, in all thing politics, and secular matter, including places of learning. American history as we know it will disappear, as will the critics of the God people. History will repeat itself, but this time, secular folk have time to ward off these religionists, by exiling hard line Christians to a fortress theocracy in the Antarctic. With a thousand-mile exclusion zone around it. This, to these conservative Christian, would make Hell, a much better place. Then US politics can return to the wishes of the founding-fathers, with a return to a secular life, with a separation between church and state, and bring peace to all humanity!

What say you?

p.p. Jero Jones.

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Jero Jones

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