Trump’s Surge Past Biden Blunts His GOP Rivals’ Primary Argument Against Him

Yet polls in recent weeks have shown a decided shift to the former president. According to, Biden enjoyed a stretch of 11 straight major polls over the summer showing him tied or leading by as many as six points. But the month of September has been a disaster for the current president on multiple fronts, prompting even some of his allies on the left to urge him not to seek reelection.

Those fronts include:

  • The inflation report showing a second straight increase for the month, putting the Consumer Price Index number almost three times as high compared to when Biden took office.
  • Gas prices hitting their highest levels for 2023 in the month of September.
  • A slow and apathetic response to the Maui wildfire which included photos of Biden lounging on the beach and not visiting the island until 13 days after the blaze killed nearly 100 people. He promptly returned to vacation afterward.
  • The rollout of the “Bidenomics” messaging offensive, with the president and his team telling voters the economy is great. This flies in the face of the reality on the ground, with only 28% of voters saying the economy is better than it was two years ago.

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