It’s Black vs. brown in Democrat cities now, thanks to Biden’s open border foolishness

The last time the black vs. brown tension was this thick, you could cut a chunk and fry it as the Black Lives Matter riots were tearing Chicago into pieces.

Black protesters led by media-protected white leftists tore up downtown to hurt Donald Trump’s re-election prospects. This was their insurrection. It took lives and cost billions of dollars in damages in cities across America. They tore up the downtowns and black neighborhoods and black-owned businesses. Then-Mayor Lori Lightfoot was in literal panic. But in Chicago, the BLM rioters and their white Democrat Socialist handlers did not tear up the old and iconic Latino neighborhoods on 18th and 26th street.

Why is that?

Because Latino street gangs publicly threatened to shoot Black Lives Matter rioters if they were found in the Hispanic neighborhoods.

And so, BLM backed off.