Female Detransitioner Sues American Academy of Pediatrics for Pushing Youth Gender Transition

A 21-year-old female detransitioner who underwent hormone therapy as a teenager is suing the American Academy of Pediatrics for allegedly pushing youth gender transition and lying about the dangers of such medical interventions.

Isabelle Ayala is accusing the progressive professional medical association, infamous for endorsing so-called gender-affirming care for minors, of civil conspiracy, fraud, and medical malpractice, according to a lawsuit filed Monday and obtained by the Daily Wire. The AAP, the lawsuit claims, knowingly misled the public on youth gender transition by releasing and circulating a 2018 policy statement endorsing the “affirmative model” for gender dysphoria. The statement lacked sufficient evidence to back the safety and efficacy of the model.

Ayala also named her doctors as defendants, for “testing” the “radical new approach on patients like her.” The physicians are Dr. Rafferty, Dr. Forcier, Dr. Gibson, Dr. Morris, Dr. Allen, Dr. Sherer, and Dr. Wagner, as well as Lifespan Physician Group.

The model that specifically Rafferty and Forcier applied “included immediate, no-questions-asked ‘affirming’ of a child’s desired gender and quickly placing them on a conveyor belt of life-altering puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and/or experimental surgeries,” the lawsuit said. Rafferty authored the 2018 AAP policy.

If medical gender transitioning is touted as the solution for those experiencing gender dysphoria, why are more lawsuits against the practitioners of such treatment emerging from those who have undergone the treatment?


If medical gender transitioning isn’t as safe as the American Academy of Pediatrics claims, what are your thoughts as to why they promoted it as such?


Thurston Howell III

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