Do you have a single good reason?

There are a fair few religious people visit this little corner of the internet on the regular… some of you like to pretend that you’re not religious, of course, but we all (yourselves included) know who you are.

So far in all my time here I haven’t seen any reasonable evidence (here or linked) or heard a single cogent argument (here or linked) to accept a single religious claim.

What I want to know (and this is addressed really only to those who believe religious claims) is this:

Do any of you people who believe religious twaddle actually think that you have even a SINGLE good reason to believe even a single one of your religious claims?

If so, please:
1. Clearly state what the religious claim is that you think you have support for
2. State clearly what evidence or argument you think supports it

If not, please:
Explain to the class why you would believe something when you admit that there’s no good reason so to do

And… um… well, isn’t it about time to give up believing in unsupported nonsense?