Why Not A “Real” Religion?

An inmate in Nebraska requested to wear piratical garb rather than prison issue wear as he wanted to follow the rules of his faith, The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster / Pastafarianism.  A judge turned down the request as he ruled that CFSM was not a true religion, and therefore not constitutionally protected.

The inmate’s wear aside, why shouldn’t CFSM / Pastafarianism be considered a real religion?

Is it because it is a satire religion?  As long as there are followers and believers in such, its contents shouldn’t matter.

Is it because it is a new religion?  The Mormon faith started in the 1800s.  Scientology in the 20th Century.  Not very old at all.

Is it because of the founder?  Is an anti-creationist any less credible than a known con man or science fiction writer.

Silliness?  Who says a religion needs to be dour and full of carrot and stick threats and rules?  Are golden plates, mammoths, intergalactic wars, and Thetans any more serious than Stripper Heaven.

Why should the CFSM / Pastafarianism be denied the same constitutional protection and rights as other “real” religions.

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Approved ~ FS

J.P. Bunny