A Lie in the Holy Book, How could St. Jerome say such a thing about Paul!

A Lie in the Holy Book, How could St. Jerome say such a thing about Paul!

Believe it or not, many of the early church-father argued (To put forth reasons for or against; debate) with each other on certain biblical points, by mail.  One must remember that there was at the time no first or even second class mail service.  In the day of old camel caravans, or ships were the main source of distributing letters to loved ones, friends, and foe.  We know in several cases that mail took years to finally reach a certain recipient.  The Royal Mail, Pony Express, was a long way in the future.

A lie in the holy book, is the English translation from letter 28 from Augustine to Jerome, concerning Jerome’s interpretation of Paul’s Galatians 2:11-14.  Where Paul confronts Peter in Antioch.  It should be noted that this letter from Augustine of Hippo (354-430) to Jerome (c. 342-420) took nine years to reach Jerome.  It was a heated debate between the two esteemed church-fathers, with Jerome, saying that the words of Paul in Galatians 2:11-14, are lies and hypocrisy on Paul’s part.  While Augustine (he’s the church-father that when down to Ethiopia as saw men without heads, with an eye in the middle of their chests), notes that Jerome’s interpretation of Galatians 2:11–14 leaves him ‘in more than a little pain’ and regards it as ‘absolutely disastrous to believe that there is a lie in the holy books, that is, that those men … lied in their books’.  See page 132 in link.
https://www.academia.edu/6056550/Law_Lies_and_Letter_Writing_An_Analysis_of_Jerome_and_Augustine_on_the_Antioch_Incident_Galatians_2_11_14_?email_work_card=view-paper. What hypocrisy on the part of Augustine. A lie in the holy book is the norm today, as we see counterfeit words added to almost every page of what we see in the New Testament, by the church forgers of the past.

I am biased. If I was asked to choose between Jerome or Augustine, I would choose Jerome, as Augustine of Hippo had a reputation of being economical with the truth. One would need more than a pinch of salt, a large backhoe bucket would be needed, or something even bigger!

Augustine of Hippo, 33rd Sermon (actually it is the 37th Sermon according to the Latin version) “I was already Bishop of Hippo when I went into Ethiopia with some servants of Christ there to preach the Gospel. In this country we saw many men and women without heads, who had two great eyes in their breasts; and in countries still more southerly, we saw people who had but one eye on their foreheads.This is as true as the Gospel. From an 1837 Latin publication, retrieved 15/02/2018.

This same Holy Father bears an equally unquestionable testimony to several resurrections of the dead, of which he himself had been an eyewitness.  See Middleton’s Free Inquiry, in Loco.  Of all travellers in the world, Christian missionaries are the most famous for seeing strange things.[Syntagma of the evidence of the Christian religion. Being a vindication of the Manifesto, page 34, (1828, edition) by Rev. Robert Taylor, John Pye Smith]

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