The Flat Earthers!

The Flat Earthers!

In ancient near eastern cosmology, the firmament signified a cosmic barrier that separated the heavenly waters above from the Earth below. In biblical cosmology, the firmament (Hebrew: רָקִ֫יעַ‎ rāqīa) is the vast solid dome created by God during the Genesis creation narrative to divide the primal sea into upper and lower portions so that the dry land could appear. The concept was adopted into the subsequent Classical and Medieval models of heavenly spheres, but was dropped with advances in astronomy in the 16th and 17th centuries. Today, it is known as a synonym for sky or heaven.

Truly I tell you, if you believe this religious twaddle you will be eligible to wear a straightjacket, and have free accommodation in an asylum for the religious insane.

The church says the earth is flat; but I have seen its shadow on the moon, and I have more confidence even in a shadow than in the church.”― Robert Green Ingersoll in his essay “Individuality” referring to Ferdinand Magellan.

We are told by the superstitious evangelical Christians that God created everything, he created the firmament as discussed above, he is supposed to be all — knowing, and all powerful. Yet, according to the books of Genesis, and Exodus, there is no mention of the rise of technology to come. Even today, there are religious congregations that believe fiercely in the firmament. The same type of people that once brought human advancement to a standstill for countless generations, who can only be classed today as moronic. We should thank the genius of mankind for inventing the wheel prior to the onslaught of this debilitating religion. Otherwise, we would still be in the Stone—Age, using flint tools in a theocracy dominated by the papacy, with the kingdoms of Spain, and Portugal sharing the world between themselves. With Spain taking the Western half, and Portugal taking the Eastern half. If the Reformation had not taken place, and Catholicism had maintained it grip on religion, there would be no Canada, USA, and the armies of Catholicism would have run riot over Europe. Enslaving its people to serfdom, built on forgery and fakery, and terrorizing the people to fear a non-existent God or be hung on the gallows, which would be in every village, town, and city of a theocracy! All the above has already happened during the Papal States (756-1870). What do you say?

Jeanne, J.E. pp. Jero Jones.


Jero Jones

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