Are Near-death experiences evidence of an afterlife and the soul?

While there’s little scientific evidence that anything miraculous happens after a person’s heart stops beating, some say that near-death experiences (NDEs) are compelling evidence of an afterlife and, by extension, the ‘soul’ – a spirit that exists independent of a brain. NDEs often occur during reversible clinical death, and some people report seeing or hearing things that are similar to descriptions in religious and transcendental beliefs about the afterlife. For example, about 45% of people who have had an NDE report seeing and hearing earthly events from a perspective above their bodies, which is known as an out-of-body experience (OBE). Others may see a light, a tunnel, or a family member, or feel intense emotions like love or peace. However, some people also report feeling separated from their bodies, or having delusions of monsters or faceless figures.

Most people who experience NDEs also report vision relevant to their particular culture and religion, e.g., Christians will see Jesus, Mary, and Angels; Muslims see Muhammed, Hindus see their gods.

Some say that NDEs are real evidence of an afterlife and the soul. Others say that NDEs are just what an oxygen-deprived brain experiences as it dies.

Are near-death experiences evidence of an afterlife?

Are they evidence of a soul?

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