A Review of the GOP 2024 Platform: Preamble part 1

Since so many far right folks are crowing about their platform (which they didn’t even bother to make last time, preferring to let their cult leader make it up as he went along), and daring people to critique it, here I am to ruin to their day. But I am also here to educate everyone else on what the GOP espouses and the style in which they do so, and see if it matches their actions.

So let’s sit back and take a look.

Title: “2024 GOP Platform Make America Great Again!”

Dedication: “To the Forgotten Men and Women of America”

The title is trite. They’ve used Trump’s recycled (stolen from Reagan) slogan for three presidential campaigns, including one where they were in power for four years. So it seems rather on brand that they haven’t come with anything new.

The dedication however has more bite. The entire pitch the GOP is trying for is that there is a cadre of Americans who are “forgotten” and left behind. This was a major piece of Democratic political tooling in the past, and quite effective. Thus the GOP using it now and pretending to not be the CAUSE of people being left behind and forgotten is, while deeply ironic, also very effective.

“America First: A Return to Common Sense”

“Our Nation’s History is filled with the stories of brave men and women who gave everything they had to build America into the Greatest Nation in the History of the World. Generations of American Patriots have summoned the American Spirit of Strength, Determination, and Love of Country to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges. The American People have proven time and again that we can overcome any obstacle and any force pitted against us.”

“In the early days of our Republic, the Founding Generation defeated what was then the most powerful Empire the World had ever seen. In the 20th Century, America vanquished Nazism and Fascism, and then triumphed over Soviet Communism after forty-four years of the Cold War.”

“But now we are a Nation in SERIOUS DECLINE. Our future, our identity, and our very way of life are under threat like never before. Today we must once again call upon the same American Spirit that led us to prevail through every challenge of the past if we are going to lead our Nation to a brighter future.”

For decades, our politicians sold our jobs and livelihoods to the highest bidders overseas with unfair Trade Deals and a blind faith in the siren song of globalism. They insulated themselves from criticism and the consequences of their own bad actions,”

“allowing our Borders to be overrun, our cities to be overtaken by crime, our System of Justice to be weaponized, and our young people to develop a sense of hopelessness and despair.”

They rejected our History and our Values. Quite simply, they did everything in their power to destroy our Country.

In 2016, President Donald J. Trump was elected as an unapologetic Champion of the American People.”

“He reignited the American Spirit and called on us to renew our National Pride.”

“His Policies spurred Historic Economic Growth, Job Creation, and a Resurgence of American Manufacturing.”

President Trump and the Republican Party led America out of the pessimism induced by decades of failed leadership, showing us that the American People want Greatness for our Country again.

“Yet after nearly four years of the Biden administration, America is now rocked by Raging Inflation, Open Borders, Rampant Crime, Attacks on our Children, and Global Conflict, Chaos, and Instability.”

“Like the Heroes who built and defended this Nation before us, we will never give up. We will restore our Nation of, by, and for the People. We will Make America Great Again.”

“We will be a Nation based on Truth, Justice, and Common Sense.”

“Common Sense tells us clearly, in President Trump’s words, that “If we don’t have a Border, we don’t have a Country.”

“Restoring sensible Border Security and Immigration Policy requires many steps, all of which would have been and indeed were taken for granted by prior Generations as obviously necessary and good.

We must secure our Southern Border by completing the Border Wall that President Trump started. Hundreds of miles have already been built and work magnificently. The remaining Wall construction can be completed quickly, effectively, and inexpensively.

We must also vigilantly check those who enter our Country by other routes and ensure that no one can enter our Country who does not have the Legal Right to do so, and we must deport the millions of illegal Migrants who Joe Biden has deliberately encouraged to invade our Country.”

We will start by prioritizing the most dangerous criminals and working with local Police. We must not allow Biden’s Migrant Invasion to alter our Country. It must not stand. Under the Trump Administration and a Republican Congress, it will be defeated immediately.”

End of Part One.

Let me know what you read from this, and if you have an argument to make supporting the many lies presented, please do so.