First Lady Jill Biden Tells Donad Trump That Women Know Exactly Who He Is

First Lady Jill Biden told Donald Trump that women know exactly who he is, and they won’t be fooled.

During a call with reporters, First Lady Biden told PoliticusUSA:

Two years ago, the Supreme Court took away women’s constitutional right to make our own health care decisions. Since that time, I’ve met women who have been forced to travel across state lines for care, women whose doctors have told them that they were in medical danger, but not enough to get the abortion care they needed, mothers who tell me how worried they are that their daughters now have fewer rights than we had, and who can’t believe we have to fight For our most basic freedoms all over again.

Now Donald Trump is trying to tell women he’s a moderate on reproductive rights. Does he think we forgot that his supreme court justices killed Roe v Wade and that he brags about it? Does he think we don’t know that he wants to roll back access to contraception and he could jeopardize IVF treatments. Does he think he can pivot away from a career of diminishing and denigrating women?

Well, women haven’t forgotten and we can’t be fooled. Donald Trump has spent years telling us exactly who he is and we believe him. But here’s the thing about men like Donald Trump, they underestimate the power of women because they don’t understand it. When our lives are on the line, when our country and its freedoms hang in the balance, women are immovable and unstoppable. We will decide our future. Women put Joe Biden in the White House, and women are going to keep him there.

First Lady Jill Biden Tells Donald Trump That Women Know Exactly Who He Is (