Trump’s Pro-Growth, ‘America First’ Platform

Forget the Biden circus — the real headline story today is a pro-growth, “America First” Trump platform a week ahead of the Milwaukee convention.

At the moment, the major press frenzy is whether President Biden is going to drop out of the race. For what it’s worth, I don’t think he will.

In Mr. Biden’s words, “The Lord almighty is not coming.” Let me add: you can bet on that.

All this Biden speculation, though, should not be permitted to obscure the fact that the Republican National Committee, a week ahead of the Milwaukee convention, has just adopted and released President Trump’s 2024 Republican Party platform.

Some of the highlights include worker tax cuts and no tax on tips. Stopping Bidenflation. Restoring energy dominance. Ending unfair trade deals.

Keeping the dollar as the world’s reserve currency — this is especially important for high growth and low prices — Wall Street, will you finally listen?

Restoring America’s status as the dominant world energy producer and canceling the electric vehicle mandate. Cutting all costly and burdensome regulations.

Sealing the border, stopping the illegal migrant invasion, and deporting illegals.

Keeping men out of women’s sports, and radical, racial, and sexual woke policies out of schools.

The platform also states, and I quote, “unite our country by bringing it to new and record levels of success.”

These are the message points that have proved so popular on the campaign trail.

These are exactly the themes that Trump has used to organize a working-class coalition of Black Americans, Hispanics, Asians, young people, and women.

These were policies to successfully build on Trump’s first term as President. Policies that Art Laffer, has called one of the best policies of any first term president.

Tax cuts, deregulation, energy independence, superb Supreme Court picks, good trade deals, strong national security — including the Abraham Accords.

That’s Trump’s message. Success is the best uniter.


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