Debate Club Guidelines

The Debate Club is for our members looking to have civil and honest discussions about news events without rhetoric and personal assault based on political beliefs, but instead based on logic and facts that can be supported with evidence.  

  • When authoring an OP, please include **DEBATE CLUB** (with 2 asterisks before and 2 after) before typing in the headline
  • OPs must be sourced from news organizations only (no blogs/tweets/individual person websites)
  • Articles may be older than 2 days, as long as they come from an actual news source as indicated above.
  • CM’s may post discussions derived from their personal opinion as long as they conform to BNR authoring and comment rules, AND contain a question or questions to debate. Any links must be sourced from official news organizations or government web sites(no blogs/tweets/individual person websites)
  • Videos will only be allowed if it is needed to support a claim made. In this case you must also include the timestamp that will bring the CM directly to the part of the video that supports said claim
  • No personal attack comments of any sort allowed. All discussion must be on the article posted and not the political POV of the person posting the comment.
  • If requested –any claims made by a member MUST be backed up with links that support that claim, and if asked to show where in the link the claim is made. Failure to do so will result in the comment being be deleted.
  • No memes will be allowed. You must be able to argue your point without them.
  • Expletives will be kept to a minimum. Here and there to make a point is fine, but overuse will be moderated.

Navy Vet 2021-12-15