Michigan State students and alumni urge university not to erase James Madison from public affairs school


Michigan State students and alumni urge university not to erase James Madison from public affairs school

‘This is another attempt at MSU pushing

As Michigan State University considers renaming its James Madison College, citing the founding father’s ownership of slaves, students and alumni are pushing back.

The Keep James Madison Coalition created a petition urging the university and leaders of the public  affairs-focused residential college to keep the name, arguing that Madison “should be remembered for the good and just things he said, fought for, and achieved.”

Spearheaded by Sergei Kelley, president of MSU’s Turning Point USA chapter, the petition has drawn more than 500 signatures since it was created July 20.

In an email, Kelley told The College Fix that he recognizes Madison had his own failings, but he also believes the father of the Constitution (original copy, above) was a major figure working toward liberty.

Renaming the college “would be another loss towards the radical left,” he warned: “There can be no compromise or giving in on this name change.”

Psychology student Emma Crabtree told The Fix that erasing Madison “would be erroneous as a liberal arts and political college in America.” In a text message, she said she supports the petition “because I support American history and believe this is another attempt at MSU pushing their anti-American rhetoric.”



Mother condemned for celebrating her daughter coming out as lesbian.

For Pride month a Christian author has published an episode of her podcast announcing that her daughter is a lesbian. This has right wing fundamentalists personified by the ineffable Ken Ham foaming at the mouth. Here’s Ham:

Such an announcement should break the heart of Christians. The admission that this young woman has embraced a sinful identity will only bring hurt, brokenness, and pain as she rebels against her Creator and his Word, but also distressing is that her mother—a professing believer—has decided this is something good, to be proud of, and to celebrate.

[This parent] has abdicated her role as a Christian parent. Instead of training her child in the ways of the Lord, she is condoning her daughter doing whatever she wants with her sexuality, in direct conflict with what God’s Word …. She’s ultimately condoning sin. Certainly, [she]r needs to love her daughter, but condoning her sin is not love. Love also means you share the truth of God’s Word in pointing out sin, but do it with gentleness.

The long article goes on in this way; the words of the Bible are everything; the needs of a human being, expected to deny her innate sexuality are ignored. The young woman should live a life of misery pretending to be something she is not in the vain hope of everlasting life.

Now we know we have this life and it’s relatively short, but no one has ever had any evidence of an afterlife and experience goes to show that when people die they become dead and we bury or burn them.

Do watch the video in this link and cringe. (https://answersingenesis.org/culture/jen-hatmaker-celebrates-daughters-gay-identity-for-pride-month/)

I am strongly tempted to repeat the words of Hitch: Religion poisons everything.

How would you react if your child, sibling, cousin, friend came out as lesbian, gay, trans?

Is homosexuality a sin?

Last but certainly not least; why is a two millennia plus old text full of myths, lies, contradictions and thoroughly bad writing ever allowed to set rules for our society?