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DISASTER: Biden’s December Illegal Border Crossing Numbers Worse Than 3 Previous Years Combined
Bodies Are Stacking Up as Progressive Politicians Blame Everything but Themselves
INSANE: Masked Karens Attack Unmasked Black Man In Elevator And Scream “Black Lives Matter” Repeatedly
Former AG Barr Talking To Jan. 6 Committee

Former AG Barr Talking To Jan. 6 Committee

WashPost Disturbed By Pyromaniac Youngkin: ‘Lighting a Match’ on CRT?
US helped intercept ballistic missiles over UAE: Centcom
SCOTUS Tosses McCarthy’s Lawsuit Against Speaker Pelosi’s COVID Voting Rules
“Unconstitutional” – NY State Supreme Court Judge Strikes Down Gov. Hochul’s Mask Mandate, ‘No Authority to Enact Mandate without State Legislature’
Stocks climb back after steep slide on Fed, Ukraine jitters
Texas Rep. Ronny Jackson’s anti-immigrant lies appear to leave CNN’s fact-checker exasperated
Christian nurse is to sue clinic over a training course that said the Bible was racist for mentioning ‘darkness’
Hot mic catches Biden calling Fox News reporter ‘stupid son of a b—-‘
Ukraine Invites Kyle Rittenhouse To Guard Their Border
Peter Dinklage Blasts ‘F–ing Backwards’ Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Remake
Biden’s North Korea Policy Needs Rebooting

Biden’s North Korea Policy Needs Rebooting

Supreme Court will consider challenge to affirmative action in college admissions
Dem lawmaker says Tucker Carlson fans are bombarding his office with calls demanding he support Russia
Biden says Roe v. Wade under attack like ‘never before’
Jan. 6 panel chair: Trump planned to use military to seize voting machine
BLM chapter fumes about shot cops automatically being deemed ‘heroes’

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