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About our authors…

Every Disqus comment moderator is also an Editor on this site. They can approve, delete, and edit posts as necessary. If you are a regular contributor and would like to be added as an Author in order to publish and edit your own posts (using the much more feature-rich article authoring tool in the backend) then please submit your request here. You will need to provide us with an email address for this, so please have something non-personal that you are willing to use for this purpose.

About our moderators…

We have a team of moderators from mixed backgrounds,  politics, countries, genders and beliefs.  When we make moderation decisions, they are applied against the rules of engagement and not our personal bias.  We are also volunteers; we do this for you!  For the most part it is a thankless job and not without it’s rewards or frustrations.

Abusing the moderators will not be tolerated!!!

A moderator who is engaged as a regular comment poster in a conversation may not moderate in that conversation the person with whom they are engaged. Note that this restriction applies just in that conversation, not to the whole page or elsewhere that the user has posted. The moderator may call upon another moderator to intervene if necessary. This is to prevent any appearance of personal bias, particularly when it comes to deleted comments. Please note, however, that any poster taking advantage of this in order to troll a moderator will be dealt with harshly.

Rules of Engagement

These Communities will only be as successful as YOU make them.  Our team of awesome moderators will help facilitate that for you.  We understand that the very nature of this topic will bring controversy and people will get passionate.  This is good.  Passion is good.  We want passion.  What we do not want is the behavior that is spelled out more specifically on this page.  If in doubt about whether or not something is OK to say, I ask you to please consider trying to Just Be Respectful!

  • No insults or personal attacks against either the moderators or other posters.
  • No racist, bigoted, homophobic, transphobic, sexist or pedophilic comments.
  • Insulting a Politician or other public figure (while allowed) must not be racist, bigoted, homophobic, transphobic, sexist or pedophilic.
  • No generalizing about entire non-political groups of people (religious, racial, gender, sexuality, etc)
  • General bashing of lefties, righties, conservatives, liberals, Democrats, Republicans etc. is fine so long as it is not racist, bigoted, homophobic, transphobic, sexist or pedophilic.

Examples of what is not allowed for the above rules

homo, tranny, fag, n-words, cracker, etc.

calling an entire group of people stupid, or “mentally ill” or such

  • The word “retard” (or any derivative like “libtard” or “contard”) is unacceptable on this channel and will be removed without explanation.  The same applies to any denigrating comments about people with disabilities.  While “dotard” is not a derivative of “retard” it is still an insult that, although it may be used on public figures,  may not be used on channel members.
  • Advocating violence is not allowed on the channel and will be removed.  Threats of harm towards anyone will be dealt with severely up to and including reporting to the authorities. 
  • Discussions and trolling about mod decisions belong in our resolution channel The Den and NOT here – unless otherwise directed by a moderator.
  • No bloody or gory images. This includes the posting of images of dead people or body parts.
  • No pornography or sexually explicit images.

Commenting Rules

  • English Only: This is an English only forum, all posts that are not in English will be deleted. Single words or phrases that are a discussion point may be allowed at the moderator’s discretion.
  • No copy and pasting lengthy paragraphs from sources as a comment (a link to the information, with a short description of where to look will be allowed).
  • No posting of the same meme/image more than once on a page.
  • Moderators reserve the right to dial back excessive meme usage.
  • Using another poster’s name/handle in a meme will be considered a personal attack.
  • Creating a meme using another poster’s avatar is allowed. However, moderators have discretionary authority whether the meme is a personal attack or offensive.
  • No promotions of any kind unless pre-approved by a moderator.
  • No posting in ALL CAPS or all bold – this is considered rude in internet etiquette.

General Channel Rules

  • No “sock puppets” (alternate accounts) with which you either engage with your own account or with which you circumvent a ban or any other moderator directive.
  • No profane usernames or avatars please. Moderators may request a change if necessary.
  • Do NOT abuse the flag feature (Result may be a permanent ban).
  • Please follow the directions of the moderators and move along if directed to do so.
    • Note: off topic comments regarding actions taken by moderators or events in our resolution channel may be removed at the discretion of the moderators
  • No serial down-voting. Down-voting is a feature in Disqus, but abusing this feature in order to target a poster exploits a weakness in Disqus that affects their reputation. This makes more work for the website owners who have to deal with this problem. Until and unless this changes we will request that posters desist from this behavior upon request from a moderator.

PLEASE DO NOT BLOCK THE DISQUS MODERATORS!: If you do so then you you run the risk of not receiving moderation direction from them, which may result in a ban. While we are not going to hunt you down to see if you are blocking us we WILL ban you if you indicate that you have done so or if you do not respond to attempted moderation. Please note that if you are viewing Disqus on a mobile device that the platform neglects to indicate the mod tag on moderators.  You will simply have to be aware of who the moderators are by viewing the About section of the channel.

Please follow the directions of the moderators and do not interfere in their moderation.  If you feel something is unfair then please take a look at our rules.  If you still think it is unfair then please start a RESPECTFUL thread on our complaint resolution channel:

Thank you.

2019/08/02 – created (TUS)

2020/04/04 – updated (Loki)

2020-07-04 – added rule for usernames/avatars, clarified rules about moderators modding conversations they are in (TUS)

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