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We are a non-profit forum for discussing the latest breaking news, religion, and personal perspective topics of the day.

We are a platform that provides anonymity to the members of its community. A place to opine on the topics of the day. All supported by a group of volunteer moderators to help maintain a minimum modicum of civility. The goal is to be balanced and fair. Not too liberal and not too conservative. With a mod team that reflects this diversity of opinions. And an aim of falling somewhere in between the heavy-handedness of a corporately controlled news site and the mob rule anarchy of a so-called “free speech” site: neither extreme being particularly conducive to the growth of a community.

The current owner of Breaking News & Religion (BNR) and our resolution site The Den is: TheUnknownSleeper (TUS)

The channel’s second-in-command/channel Admin is: Primus Pilus (Løki)

Please direct questions about the contents of the channel, possible copyright issues, or any other site related issues to one of us.

So thanks for dropping by. Please stick around.

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