About Us

We are a forum for discussing the latest breaking news and religion topics of the day.

About 4 years ago a number of online news sites were undergoing changes in their commenting platforms and policies. Many of them had removed commenting altogether due to the time requirements for staff to moderate the comments. Our progenitor, the illustrious Duck Season, envisioned a forum where such discussions on news articles could still take place. A platform that would provide anonymity to the members of its community. A place to opine on the topics of the day. All supported by a group of volunteer moderators to help maintain a minimum modicum of civility. The goal was to be balanced and fair. Not too liberal and not too conservative. With a mod team that reflected this diversity of opinions. And an aim of falling somewhere in between the heavy-handedness of a corporately controlled news site and the mob rule anarchy of a so-called “free speech” site: neither extreme being particularly conducive to the growth of a community.

Around the same time as the Breaking News Channel was launched, our sister channels at the time (CA News for our Canadian friends, and Religion Channel for religious discussions) also came into being. About 2 years ago Duck Season retired from Disqus, and passed off ownership of these channels to his successor Ofru who continued to grow them until his own retirement. Today I am proud to be the steward of the Breaking News and Religion channels and happy to say that the communities have continued to evolve and thrive.

Alas, all good things must come to an end. On August 1, 2019 Disqus announced that they would be Saying Goodbye to Disqus Channels on Sept 1, 2019. Some communities will disappear of course. Others may move to other platforms. Both the Breaking News and Religion channels, however, will continue to use the Disqus commenting system. We have moved to a new hosted site and have adopted the WordPress authoring system for producing content to replace the former Discussion posting tool on the Channel system. We will continue to be a community for our Breaking News and Religion communities.

So thanks for dropping by. Please stick around.

Post a discussion. It can be a recent news or opinion article for Breaking News. Or an interesting religious question or topic on Religion. Take a gander at our Guidelines on posting content and commenting. And don’t forget to say hello or post a video or meme in our daily Off Topic forum.