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  • Breaking News :
    • Pick an article published within the last 2 days.
    • Article must not be racist, bigoted, homophobic, transphobic, or sexist.
    • Post the exact title of the article.
    • Paste the article URL into the provided box.
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    • Editors reserve the right to truncate or modify OPs that do not meet with Guideline compliance.
  • Religion :
    • Please ensure that your topic is religious in nature.
    • Please clearly state the purpose for your post.
    • Please pose a question that people can discuss.
    • Religion posts must not be vulgar or inflammatory (as per the discretion of the moderators)
  • Perspectives :
    • Only registered authors with Breaking News & Religion may author their own opinion pieces for the Perspectives section through our backend publishing system. Please submit your request here if you wish to be an author on this site.
    • Authors: Please ensure that you check both the box for the subcategory AS WELL as the Perspectives parent category
    • Perspectives posts must not be vulgar or inflammatory (as per the discretion of the moderators)

Updated: 25 Mar 2020 ~ Løki