‘I’ll be right eventually’: Trump again insists coronavirus will disappear as the US passes 140,000 deaths

‘It’s going to disappear, and I’ll be right,’ Mr Trump says

Donald Trump continues to insist the coronavirus will “disappear”, despite the recent surge in cases in several states like California, Texas, Arizona and Florida, and in contradiction of advice by public health experts that predict a long battle with the virus.

“I’ll be right eventually,” the president said in an interview that airs on Sunday with Chris Wallace of Fox News Sunday after the host played a series of clips that showed Mr Trump making pronouncements about the virus that have turned out not to be true.

“I will be right eventually. You know, I said, ‘It’s going to disappear.’ I’ll say it again. … It’s going to disappear, and I’ll be right,” Mr Trump said of Covid-19, which has killed more than 140,000 Americans over the least five months.

The country surpassed the grim milestone of 140,000 Covid-19 deaths on Saturday into Sunday, but Mr Trump has still insisted that the US has the lowest mortality rate in the world, which is not true.

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