Joe Biden’s America-Residents in the Liberal Utopia of Austin Fight for Food Tossed in Dumpsters 

Austin, Texas is praised by leftists as a liberal utopia “trapped” in a red state.

They love gun control, vowing last summer to “explore every option” to try and raise the minimum age for purchasing semi-automatic weapons.

They pass out condoms to elementary school children for Easter.

They support a pilot ‘guaranteed income’ program to citizens who are classified as facing ‘extreme hardship’ providing $1,000 per month for a year.

They love to lecture school children to mask up  and tell the peasants to stay home, even if they like sneak off for a little R&R in Cabo.

They march through the streets on May Day in praise of communist mass murders.

Sounds like a liberal utopia.

But in the Biden economy, even utopias suffer. Video shared by a local news outlet shows Austin residents fighting over food tossed in a dumpster at an H-E-B.


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