Calling all evangelicals…

For our evangelicals here, this interview is going to be a rather tough thing to watch.  Myself, I see it as just some “tough love” is being doled out by a fellow evangelical.  But if you feel you’re psychologically strong / secure enough that you can make it through the entire 11:51 minute interview, you will then understand how many of us non-theists find your religion rather, well, hypocritical:

Q1: As an evangelical, do you see yourself as having a “moral flexibility” regarding acceptance of Trump’s behavior, as described by Ben Howe, himself a lifelong evangelical?  Is Howe the evangelical who is confused?

Q2: As an evangelical, do you consider Trump a caricature of the evangelical mindset, or a good representative of it?

Q3: As an evangelical, are you upset that Trump has no qualms about taking the Lord’s name in vein?  If no, how do you reconcile that with your religion?

Evangelical or not, all are encouraged to post your opinions.

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Just_PrimalSoup (aka Susan)

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