Air Force Completely Destroys Media Narrative About Crew Favoring Trump’s Scottish Hotel

Any time a government or military official stays at a Trump-owned hotel, get ready for the media and Democratic politicians to completely meltdown—regardless of the circumstances.

While last week was dominated by criticism of Vice President Mike Pence staying at a Trump property in Ireland, this weekend, all eyes turned to reports that an Air National Guard crew stopped at Trump’s Turnberry resort in Scotland on their way to bringing medical supplies to Kuwait.

The Politico report argues that crews on previous trips to the Middle East have stopped at U.S. air bases in other countries where refueling would cost less than at a commercial airport.

According to a letter the panel sent to the Pentagon in June, the military has spent $11 million on fuel at the Prestwick Airport — the closest airport to Trump Turnberry — since October 2017, fuel that would be cheaper if purchased at a U.S. military base. The letter also cites a Guardian reportthat the airport provided cut-rate rooms and free rounds of golf at Turnberry for U.S. military members.

Taken together, the incidents raise the possibility that the military has helped keep Trump’s Turnberry resort afloat — the property lost $4.5 million in 2017, but revenue went up $3 million in 2018. […]

On previous trips to the Middle East, the C-17 had landed at U.S. air bases such as Ramstein Air Base in Germany or Naval Station Rota in Spain to refuel, according to one person familiar with the trips. Occasionally the plane stopped in the Azores and once in Sigonella, Italy, both of which have U.S. military sites, the person added. (Politico)

It didn’t take long for the Air Force to respond to the story, completely disputing accusations that “an Air Force mission may have helped line the president’s pockets.”

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