Leaving Religion Is Similar To Divorce

Leaving Religion Is Similar To Divorce

That’s the idea that came to my mind today, after observing another thousand of bitter comments from ex-believers. Really, there are a lot of things in common: there is often a deep emotional bond, there are mutual expectations which were not fulfilled, and there is a painful process of separation. And quite often we observe that ex-partners speak very negatively of each other, exaggerate the other’s faults, and may continue speaking about it for years. That’s what probably explains such bitterness of our regular religion bashers.

I must admit this idea is totally raw, not well-thought, and amateurish. I have never been divorced, and I have never been into a religion (well, just flirted with a few). So if you throw eggs and tomatoes, I’ll understand it.

However, I’ll ask a question for discussion: are there atheists who got over this painful separation process, forgave and let go their ex(religion)?

PS: and you know what, guys, it often happens that people just don’t fit each other, and a partner perceived as devil incarnate by his/her ex, becomes happiness for someone else?

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