The Origins of Gods


In this, I’d like to explain where I think the origins of gods were, so I can get some feedback or input on whether this is wrong or not.  I’ll do it by way of a simplified history:

As mankind evolved, they began using tools to make their lives better.  They fashioned spears to hunt with, built shelters from the elements, and more.  These constructed items did make their lives better.  So, says early man, where did the items that he did NOT construct come from?

Well, reasons early man, the other items, such as trees, the game they hunt, the food they find along the way, etc, must have been constructed by someone much more powerful than he.

And thus the first god was born.  This creator god made the trees, the streams, the oceans and more, for man since, well, man is inventing this story.  He may even believe it.

What spurred this on was the humorous comic I linked with this article, about a sentient showerhead looking outside and seeing the rain, then coming to the conclusion that the showerhead that’s producing the rain must be very large.  This is similar to Douglas Adams’s “puddle” argument, but is more concise.

So, what do you all say?  Are gods the result of human ego and anthropocentrism?

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