Tucker Carlson: What the revival of the left’s smear campaign against Kavanaugh is really about

But to the modern left, that’s totally intolerable. They’re committed to remaking this country completely right now. America needs a new system, they tell us, one with open borders and far fewer pesky individual rights. Rights like the freedom to speak clearly out loud. The freedom of expression, the right to bear arms, the freedom of religion — no.

To create this new utopia of obedient, happy serfs, they’re going to have to destroy all of that — two centuries of precedent and tradition. Maybe even destroy the country itself, whatever. They’re happy to do that.

As Robespierre noted, when you make omelets, you break eggs.

Article URL : https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/tucker-carlson-lefts-smear-campaign-kavanaugh-trump-supreme-court

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