Why Is Political Islam A Blind Spot Of Many Atheists?

Why Is Political Islam A Blind Spot Of Many Atheists?

I would like to discuss a strange phenomenon that I am observing in many discussions related to religion. Most atheists claim that they value rational thinking, examining reality based on facts and logic. And many demonstrate the enormous thinking work they have done to free themselves of the religious doctrine they used to follow. They’ll quote the Bible, refer to history, debunk logical fallacies. Being raised as an atheist, I didn’t require such thorough study, but I really respect this huge work they had to do. And they continue investing efforts into opposing views they disagree with.

And yet when it comes to Islam, it appears to be in many atheists’ blind spot, and they accept claims made by other people about it with blind belief, not caring to examine available information and make their own conclusions. IMO, there are two main irrationalities in their treating Islam.

a) Uncritically accepting various claims about Islam made by Muslims themselves, politicians, media persons, educators and scholars, not caring to check how well they fit each other and reality.

b) Focusing on religious aspect of Islam, which is indeed similar to other religions (creation, judgment day and other mythology), yet ignoring its political aspect, which is at least as important as Islam’s religion, and which covers all aspects of an individual’s and society’s life, from clothes and personal hygiene to warfare, legislation and finance.

I suggest examining the ideas contained in the Islamic doctrine and how they are applied both historically and in today’s world, and to do so based on facts and application of logic, they way you are able to critically examine Christianity. I promise to do my best to address all your argumentation, not dismissing anything. The only thing that will be ignored is ad hominems and personal attacks, because they do not contribute to better understanding of the discussed topic.

And, of course, believers of all stripes and agnostics are welcome to participate as well.