Meanwhile in America: “A corrupt human tornado”


Updated 1504 GMT (2304 HKT) September 27, 2019

(CNN) They’ll make movies about this week in Washington.

In the blink of an eye, Donald Trump has landed on the fast track to impeachment, consumed by a scandal that’s breathtaking even by his own epic standards. Here’s a recap of the case so far, all the more damaging for its simplicity:
  • Trump is accused of bullying Ukraine to help him win in 2020. A rough transcript shows he did ask Kiev to investigate unsubstantiated corruption allegations against top Democrat Joe Biden.
  • An anonymous whistleblower claims a White House cover up. Details of an apparently incriminating call between Trump and Ukraine’s President were allegedly hidden in a secure White House computer meant for only top secret intelligence.
  • Trump now threatens to tear down the temple around him. The vengeful President has branded the whistleblower a treasonous spy — and made a thinly veiled execution threat.
What happens next? There’s no turning back for Democrats, who may already have the House majority needed to make Trump the third impeached president in US history. But in a subsequent Senate trial, the betting is that Republicans — cowed by their pro-Trump constituents — would vote to keep the President in office. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is promising an expedited process. But it could be months before Trump’s fate is known.

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