EIA 2019 report shows developing nations CO2 emissions increasing 8.4 billion metric tons by 2050

The recently released EIA IEO 2019 report forecasts global energy use and emissions growth from year 2018 through year 2050.

The report shows the world’s developing nations CO2 emissions climbing upward by an enormous 8.4 billion metric tons by year 2050 from year 2018 levels.

This huge increase in emissions is driven by increased global energy use with the developing nations accounting for over 87% of world future energy growth as estimated by this forecast.

In sharp contrast the report forecasts the world’s developed nations will decrease CO2 emissions by 651 million metric tons by year 2050.

Thus the huge world increase in global CO2 emissions based on the IEO forecast are accounted for solely by the world’s developing nations.

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