Hilariously Desperate Moves By Democratic Candidates


Democrats are cleaning house, because they all have dirt.

The new front-runner of the democratic candidates believes her fake Indian days are behind her. She’s mistaken. Nevertheless, Elizabeth Warren now woos the black vote. Here’s how.

Warren announced that she would look at failed gubernatorial candidate and scandal-laden Andrew Gillum as a potential VP. I consider this (1) pandering, and (2) the remake of Mandingo.

I get it. A black man can be Warren’s #2, even with all his “angry black man toxic masculinity”. Let’s see how the #MeToo movement sees this. As for black men, understand Warren’s message: you will serve your white master’s woman.

I’m only surprised that Warren didn’t make this announcement with another on-camera beerfest.

But if you think Warren has issues, look at creepy crooked Joe Biden.


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