How Can Believers Accept The Killing God?

How Can Believers Accept The Killing God?

To begin with, I am not a fan of any religion, and for sure jealous, vindictive, sadistic gods, be it from Greek-Roman, Judeo-Christian or any other mythology, are not a type of neighbor one would like to have.

But they are nevertheless adored and praised by believers, and let us examine this fact by using an analogy with patriotism. If we take major nuclear powers like USA and Russia, both of them are able to destroy the world we live in (by the way, if God exists, he must be hiding after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 20th century Sodom and Homorrah, because obviously the striking power of these nations have exceeded his), both have acts of genocide and oppression in their not very distant history, and yet citizens of those countries have no problem loving their countries, being proud of them and justifying or downplaying any kind of “not very nice” actions taken by their home countries.

It is not very rational to be blind to faults of something you strongly identify with, but it is very human.

Your thoughts?

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