Democrats Soil Themselves At News of the Barr-Durham Criminal Investigation

As I reported yesterday, the Barr-Durham probe into the origins of the Russia investigation has now transitioned into a full blown criminal investigation. What this means is the ability to compel testimony, empanel a grand jury, and subpoena documents. Before this change, cooperation was essentially voluntary.

There are some dots to connect here, which while still speculative, are becoming clearer as the days pass. This change to a criminal investigation came at exactly the same time the Inspector General announced his report was nearly ready for release. It’s fair to assume that it likely contains some criminal referrals. There’s also the news that broke earlier today that Lisa Page helped edit and retroactively date Flynn’s interview 302s. Was something illegal done with that? To the layman, it certainly seems improper and it’s a trail that will likely be followed.

Aside from the details, much of which have been reported by RedState over the past few days, one of the more humorous aspects of all this is seeing Democrats begin to soil themselves at the thought of possible corruption dealing with the Trump-Russia investigation.

Let’s start with the committee chairs at the forefront right now.

Yes, that’s Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff, who are currently leading highly partisan investigations of the President complaining that Bill Barr is somehow a partisan. Keep in mind as well that John Durham is Barr’s top guy here and that he was appointed by Eric Holder to prosecute torture cases. He’s also got a history of mob busting. In other words, Durham is as far from a partisan as you’ll find at the DOJ. Democrats are purposely not attacking him directly, instead going after Barr, but the fact is that Durham is the one running this investigation on the ground.

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