Tucker Carlson: Everything We’ve Been Told About The Whistleblower Has Been Intentionally Misleading

Last night, the site Real Clear Investigations published an article about the man it says is the whistleblower. As of tonight, Schiff’s office has not denied the substance of the piece. Publicly available information corroborates many of the details. It’s a remarkable story. The man is a registered Democrat, who worked on the national security council as a holdover from the Obama administration. Over the years, he’d worked for both Joe Biden, and disgraced CIA director John Brennan. A news article from 2017 identifies the man as pro-Ukraine and anti-Russia. It says that he was the subject of bitter complaints from Republicans. More than two years ago, conservatives publicly charged that he was working from inside the building to undermine the Trump administration. According to Real Clear, they were right. The man worked with a professional leftwing activist to attack Donald Trump. He also held  meetings with Adam Schiff’s staff members, several of whom were his former colleagues from the Obama White House. And tonight, according to new reporting by this show, it seems likely that the man in question was also a source for Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. What appears to be his name can be found in a footnote in the final report…

If Real Clear’s reporting is accurate, that framing is an utter lie. Virtually everything we’ve been told about the whistleblower is misleading, and intentionally so. It’s propaganda, like so much we hear. Only Adam Schiff can clear this up. He should do that, immediately. He won’t, because it doesn’t serve his political interests. But in some ways we’ve learned enough already. Whether he was the so-called whistleblower or now, this man was a nakedly partisan political actor in what should be a non-political position. His job was to protect the United States. He spent his days trying to get his team elected. That’s wrong, but it’s not unusual. Just yesterday, former deputy CIA head John McLaughlin encouraged permanent bureaucrats to continue to subvert the elected officials they work for:

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