WaPo Hack Rudy Gersten Accuses Nats MVP of Dissing Trump — Gets Called Out for #FakeNews by MVP Strasburg in His First Tweet in 2 Years

Earlier today the World Series Champions Washington Nationals baseball team visited  the White House.


President Trump cheered the team and met many of the players.

Washington Post hack reporter Rudy Gersten accused the World Series MVP Stephen Strasburg of leaving Trump hanging by not shaking his hand at the White House ceremony.

But it was fake news.

Strasburg hugged team officials before he shook President Trump’s hand.

Gersten got MVP Strasburg to tweet for the first time in nearly two years.

Strasburg’s response: “Fake News”


In fact Gersten CUT THE VIDEO to make it look like Strasburg dissed President Trump.

This is how unhinged and dishonest the liberal media is today.


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