Why Secular Atheism Leads to Nihilism

So logical Atheism is said to be the replacement for religion.

Does the human race even need to replace religion with anything?


Why Secular Atheism Leads to Nihilism
Secular atheism, when lived out with intellectual honestly, leads to nihilism. Why is this? Because there is ultimately no objective basis for purposeful meaning in life for the secular atheist. Inventing meaning is neither rational nor logical. For example, a sign that states “Dead End” would offer an incoherent and false meaning if placed alongside a continuous superhighway. A sign, or anything in life that conveys meaning, only has valid and coherent meaning when it is linked to a corresponding reality in some type of logical manner. Many atheists are confused on this point. Richard Dawkins. for example, has claimed that an “adult” view of life is to subjectively “make” meaning in your life, in whatever manner you may wish to do this. In reality, this is a childish and superficial approach to a deep subject. Children, not adults, are fond of creating make-believe worlds. The following is a quote of Richard Dawkins from the God Delusion:

“The truly adult view […] is that our life is as meaningful, as full and as wonderful as we choose to make it. And we can make it very wonderful indeed.”

Unlike Dawkins’ make-believe meaning in life, Christian debaters, such as William Lane Craig, have demonstrated that a rational and logical worldview is possible only when it is based on logically framed precepts arranged in a logical syntax, and not merely based on pretentious whims.

Why Richard Dawkins’ View of Meaning is Absurd…
1. Valid and coherent meaning in life must be somehow verifiable with objective logical principles.
2. Any proposed meaning that is not verifiable with objective logical principles is irrational and ultimately absurd.
3. Richard Dawkins offers that we should subjectively “make” meaning in life.
4. Therefore, Richard Dawkins’ concept of meaning in life is irrational and absurd.

Richard Dawkins’ concept of meaning in life seems to consist of an existential secular Spaghetti Monster dressed up in a cheap tuxedo. You can call invented and make-believe meaning in life “adult” or “wonderful” or even “very wonderful” – but it still seems to be absurd to live life based on make-believe meaning. What do you personally believe about the concept of meaning?

A. Meaning is an objective fact of life.
B. Meaning is arbitrary according to your whims.
C. Neither A nor B.
D. Both A and B.

David Adams

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