IG report shows Russia hoax a coup attempt: Devine

After Horowitz’s testimony, the conclusions are inescapable.

The FBI knowingly and fraudulently obtained warrants to spy on the Trump campaign. In one instance, an FBI lawyer doctored an email to trick the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court into authorizing the surveillance. The FBI used the Steele dossier, a farcical farrago of salacious stories about Trump cavorting with prostitutes in Moscow, as a “central and essential” justification in its lengthy wiretap of Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

The FBI knew the dossier, written by discredited former British spy Christopher Steele, had been paid for by Clinton’s campaign, and knew there were “significant questions about [its] reliability,” yet never told the court.

This is all in Horowitz’s report and you would have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to acknowledge a deliberate campaign to damage Trump.


Article URL : https://nypost.com/2019/12/11/ig-report-shows-russia-hoax-a-coup-attempt-devine/