The Dumbest Wikipedia Edit War of the Dumbest Decade

In 1962, John F. Kennedy predicted, wrongly, that his administration would ultimately be measured by its contribution to the human spirit. Fifty-seven years and about 3,000 Wikipedia revisions later, history has proven that the only presidential measurement that matters is height—a president’s height relative to the height of Donald J. Trump, the physical height of his body, not “height” as in the heights of ambition or hope or rhetoric, etc, etc.

The battle over Donald Trump’s rightful place in the presidential tallness hierarchy has waged on over the past several years, without ceasefire, on the Wikipedia page “Heights of presidents and presidential candidates of the United States”—an edit war so bitter and petty and senseless that only our current president could have manufactured it. The saga is one of fact-finding missions and cloak-and-dagger attacks, conspiracy and lies, and ultimately, the fracturing of Wikipedia’s democratic institution.


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