U.S. Media Says Iraqis ‘Mourning’ Death Of Terrorist, But Some Seem To Be Dancing, Baking Cakes In Celebration

Elsewhere in the world — including in Iraq — there was much celebration for the death of man who had killed thousands in his own country. In fact, some even baked cakes thanking Trump.

“Iranian regime called for 3 days of mourning, but Iranians are baking cakes and calling for 3 days of celebrations. They’re posting pictures of the cakes and the cookies and giving it out to people with thanks to Trump,” national security and political warfare expert David Reaboi wrote on Twitter…

Human rights advocate Hassan Mahmoudi joined in. “Iraqis are celebrating the death of Qasem Soleimani by baking cakes and distributing among the people thanking president trump for eliminating Qassim Suleimani,” he wrote on Twitter.

Article URL : https://www.dailywire.com/news/u-s-media-says-iraqis-mourning-death-of-terrorist-but-some-seem-to-be-dancing-baking-cakes-in-celebration

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