Everyone remain calm

Mods these are extraordinary times so please post this as a lot of people are feeling stress and personal anxieties during these increasingly troubled events.  If it needs any formatting or anything else by all means do whatever you believe necessary to help this message get through.  Many thanks.


Everyone let’s remain calm


Right now we’re all seeing some highly disturbing images on television that are sure to grow worse as more information comes in.  Tensions are running high and we’re taking Casualties which is something none of us wants.


Don’t let what’s happening in the world affect your every day lives.  I know this is easier to write and read than for any of us to live because I’m feeling it too.  At the same time we’re obligated not to buy into the increased stressors world events can cause any of us.  Last thing any of us wants is lashing out and projecting our anger onto others.


Let’s remain calm and stand firm in our everyday lives.  Let’s continue living our normal routines so we and our Families won’t carry burdens beyond our control.


This especially holds true for War Returnees with PTSD because we all know this brings it back in living color.  Don’t buy into it.  We’ve come too far to let the old coping mechanisms resurface so let’s lean into it like always and keep living the new lives we’ve created for ourselves.


Every stand easy and be relaxed.  Everything will be okay.  It always is.  We’ve been through 9/11 and a lot worse so it’s not like we haven’t been here before.  It’s okay.  We got this like always.


God’s blessings to all of us and our Families.


Prayers out for our Servicemembers killed and wounded and their Families during this time of great sorrow.  God bless them.  God be with all our Servicemembers and their Families during these very troubling times.  God be with them all.

Bugs Marlowe